Jabbro Trading 
Your Export-Import Partner for all your sourcing & marketing needs in National & International Markets to help you Buy & Sell products, from all across the globe, at reasonable cost for you.
We source cost effective commodities directly from the Manufacturers and Producers.
– Grains, Seeds, Edible Oils, Rice.
– FMCG like Soft Beverages, Snacks, Coffee etc.
– Dairy Items.
We act as a Facilitator for Bulk Commodities Like:
– Building Construction Materials
– Metals, Minerals and Ores
– Solar Energy Products
– Oil & Gas, Chemicals
– Transportation Machinery
–Mining Equipment.
Service Area: Middle East, Africa, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.
Jabbro Consulting

“Looking for a Recruitment Company to strengthen your Manpower Requirements – Your efforts end here”
We partner your Human Resource needs.We enable organizations to offload workforce management by providing them a highly skilled, trained and productive flexible work force.
– Executive Search
– Contractual Staffing
– Permanent Recruitment
– Recruitment Process Outsourcing
We serve the following Sectors.
– Information Technology, BPO, KPO
– Infrastructure & Projects, Retail,
– Telecommunication & Engineering,
– Energy – Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Power
– Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
Service Area:Indian, Asia Pacific (Singapore, Malaysia), Middle East & African Markets.